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Our transparency statement

Our vision outlines our aims regarding what we want to achieve and ultimately how we are seen by customers and the community. 

Building trust as a thriving social business by:

  • Creating safe and secure places to live
  • Delivering excellent services to customers
  • Forging strong and successful relationships
  • Embracing diversity, sustainability and growth

The Regulator of Social Housing requires Registered Providers to be accountable to tenants, the regulator and stakeholders, and to have governance arrangements that are effective and transparent.

To demonstrate our approach we:

  • Work in clear and understandable ways
  • Tell residents what they can expect from us
  • Ensure information about our business is easy to find
  • Respond to reasonable requests for information
  • Protect personal data
  • Support formal customer scrutiny of the business
  • Work openly with the Regulator of Social Housing and other regulators and government departments
  • Encourage colleagues to report concerns via our whistle-blowing process.

We are not classed as a public authority for the purposes of the Freedom of Information Act. But we do receive public funds for some of our work, including building new homes.

How we operate

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How we are regulated

We are regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing and have retained the governance and financial viability assessment of G1/V1, most recently in January 2021. As a part of this standard, we have also adopted the NHF Code of Governance (2020) on a ‘comply or explain’ basis – there is an annual self-assessment to confirm compliance against the checklist and a statement is included in the yearly statutory accounts.  

We are further regulated by the ICO, with regards to data that we handle and store, by the FCA on the financial activities we undertake as well as Companies House whereby we regularly submit regulatory returns to ensure transparency as an organisation.

Our policies

Read our anti-social behaviour policy [pdf] 120KB

Read our complaints and compensation policy [pdf] 114KB

Read our customer contact policy.pdf [pdf] 210KB

Read our domestic abuse policy [pdf] 396KB

Read our anti-money laundering policy [pdf] 89KB

Read our pet policy [pdf] 253KB

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