Transfer of Engagement Consultation

Transfer of Engagements Consultation

What is the Transfer of Engagements Consultation?

Silva is now considering formally merging with Abri by transferring its engagements to Abri. This is the next step to achieving a full merger between the two organisations. The effect of the proposed transfer would be that all Silva’s assets (including your home) would pass to Abri, who would become your new landlord/freeholder.

We are sharing our intentions with you here and giving you more information about what this means for you. We would also like your views and feedback.

Information on the consultation

You can find copies of the letter, FAQs and the link to the consultation form below.

ToE Consultation Letter [pdf] 146KB

FAQs [pdf] 140KB

Consultation feedback form


There is a direct link between the Scrutiny Group and the Board

The work of the group is vital and to ensure this is recognised by the organisation, the Chair is a co-opted member of the Audit and Risk Committee and the Customer Service and Performance Committee. This ensures there is a direct link between the Board and the Scrutiny Group which is further strengthened by twice yearly Co-Regulation events. This is when members of the Scrutiny Group are invited to meet with the Board and Executive Team and challenge them and hold them to account for the decisions made during that year.