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What is a defect

What is a defect?

Defects are usually due to poor workmanship or materials. A defect is not general wear and tear or maintenance issues.

There are different categories for defects as some need fixing quicker than others. The emergency and urgent categories are for defects that significantly impact your daily living or cause a safety issue. A timeframe for rectification and examples of each is as follows:

  • Emergency – 24 hours.
  • Urgent – 5 working days.
  • Non-urgent – 28 days.
Defect customer leaflet

Learn more about defects

To learn more about defects, including examples of the different types and how we manage them, click the button below to read our defect customer leaflet.

Read our defect customer leaflet [pdf] 816KB

Reporting a defect

If you live in a new-build property and have been living there for less than a year, your home might still be under warranty by the developer. This means that if your home has a defect that needs repairing in the first year, it will be dealt with by them.

Fill out the form below to report a defect. Please try to include as much information as possible.

Important: Defects must be reported within the first year of handover from the developer. If a defect is reported after this period, the developer will be unlikely to attend to it as they do not have a legal responsibility to.

Details of the defect

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