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Our tenancy support team can help with
a wide range of issues

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What is tenancy support?

Tenancy support is about ensuring customers are able to remain and feel comfortable in their homes by helping them adhere to their tenancy agreements.

With the rising cost of living, more of our customers are struggling to stay on top of everything. So, we created our tenancy support team, which features tenancy support coordinators, who are trained experts in helping people to improve their living conditions.

Without help from our tenancy support team, some of our customers could be facing homelessness.

Tenancy support team

How can the tenancy support team help?

Our tenancy support team can help with a wide range of issues from budgeting and applying for universal credit, to support on the cost of living, domestic abuse and hoarding. Basically, the team's main goal is to support our customers to be happy and healthy in their homes.

If we are unable to help directly, we have good relationships with a number of local agencies that can help with things like clothing and furniture, food, mental health, drug abuse, youth support and much more.

Contact our tenancy support team

If you, or a friend or relative need some support from us, you can contact our tenancy support team in the following ways:

  • Email tenancysupport@silvahomes.co.uk.
  • Talk to us using the live chat function on our website.
  • Call us on 01344 382 800.
  • Visit our office at Silva Homes, Western Peninsula, Western Road, Bracknell, RG12 1RF.

How our tenancy support team have helped

"There was a customer who was living in a three-bedroom house all on their own and an antisocial behaviour case was claimed against them as their garden was overgrown. They were living in a cluttered, three-bedroom house that they couldn’t manage by themself. So, we worked with them and managed to transfer them into sheltered accommodation.

“They are now living in an environment that suits them much better, and getting all the support they need." - Wayne, tenancy support coordinator.