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Universal Credit advice

Universal Credit advice

Need support to pay for the cost of living and housing? Consider applying for Universal Credit as soon as you get the chance.

Learn more about Universal Credit

Apply for Universal Credit on GOV.UK

Other benefits feature

Other benefits to apply for

As well as Universal Credit, there are other Benefit schemes from the UK government that you can apply for. Please be aware these could change depending on whether you are above or below the state pension age.

Benefits if you're below pension age

Benefits if you're above pension age

Read our full benefits guide [pdf] 179KB

Cost of living handbook

Cost of living advice handbook

The increasing cost of fuel, utilities, and food affect everyone, so we are committed to supporting our customers who are struggling.

This handbook has been put together to provide helpful information on the support that is available.

Read our cost of Living handbook [pdf] 527KB

Hardship fund feature

Applying for our hardship fund

Our designated hardship fund assists customers experiencing financial hardship. It involves making a one-off payment for a daily living cost.

Learn more about applying for our hardship fund

Budgeting spreadsheet

Save money with our budgeting spreadsheet

Our helpful budgeting spreadsheet goes into depth about your income, expenses, hobbies and more to help you identify areas you could save money.

Download our budgeting spreadsheet [xls] 55KB

Savings advice

Saving tips

Interested in learning some useful tips to save money on your weekly shop, your energy bill and more? Click the button below to view our advice, save money on the essentials and make the most of your finances.

Read our savings tips

Contact our rent team

We offer a free benefits advice service for our tenants and leaseholders, to help them understand which benefits they are eligible for and how to claim them. All the information we discuss is treated confidentially.

Contact our rent team

Click below to view a list of helpful links where you can read financial advice, apply for Universal Credit and Benefits and get support.

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