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Keeping pets
in your home

If you want to move a pet into your home, 
you just need to fill in our pet ownership form.

Requesting permission to become a pet owner

Being a pet owner is both a joy and a responsibility.

If you would like to keep a pet in your home, all you need to do is fill in our pet care form. As part of this contract you will need to agree to take good care of your pet and keep them from causing a nuisance in your community.

You will need to sign a pet contract for most animals, including cats, dogs and rabbits. If you would like to keep small caged animals, fish, or service animals, you do not need to sign a contract.

Apply to become a pet owner

If you got your pet before January 2020, you should still fill in our pet care form. Don’t worry, this won’t affect your ability to keep your pet, or to apply for a new one.

It will give us some details about your pet for our records, so that we know who to contact if you are unable to look after your pet for any reason.

You need our permission
to keep these animals

  • Cat iconCats
  • Dog iconDogs
  • Rabbit iconRabbits

You don't need our permission
to keep these animals


  • Small caged animals iconSmall caged animals
  • Fish iconFish
  • Service animals iconService animals
Information for XL bully dog owners

Information for XL bully dog owners

From 1 January 2024, the Government added XL bully-type breeds of dogs to the list of banned dangerous dogs in England and Wales, as set out in the Dangerous Dog Act 1991.

Learn what to do if you own an XL bully


Cinnamon Trust

Cinnamon Trust icon

A specialist charity that helps the terminally ill, the elderly and their pets. They provide day-to-day assistance, fostering and long-term pet care.

To find out more:



We are award winning

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Our approach to pet ownership has been recognised by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) 2018 Community Animal Welfare Footprint (CAWF) scheme for encouraging responsible pet ownership in appropriate conditions.