Environmental services

Environmental services

Our environmental services team
keeps the areas in & around our
homes clean, safe and tidy.

Cars affected by our grass-cutting service

Despite our grounds maintenance team doing everything they can, cars can still become dirty after the grass is cut near their parking spot and this is not something that is easily changed.

Unfortunately, knocking on each customer’s door and requesting they move their cars before the team begins their work would significantly impact our grounds maintenance schedule, potentially increase inconvenience to customers and create other issues.

We appreciate your understanding and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

About our environmental services

We provide cleaning and caretaking services in communal areas of our homes, keep around 12,000 trees in good health and also maintain the green spaces around some of our homes. You can find out more about each of these services below.

If you see something that doesn't look right, you can report it to our environmental services team using My Silva.

Report a hazard on My Silva

Grounds maintenance

Grounds maintenance

Our grounds maintenance team looks after our communal green areas.

We are cutting the grass this year from late March until November.

Learn more about our grounds maintenance service

Estate services

Estate services

Our estate services team caretake and clean all the internal and external communal areas within our properties.

Learn more about our estate services

Tree maintenance

Tree maintenance

We are responsible for looking after around 12,000 trees in the Bracknell Forest area.

If a tree in your garden is causing structural damage to the main building or if it is a health and safety issue (e.g. diseased or dangerous), please contact us so we can prevent any damage or accidents.

Learn more about our tree maintenance service

Estate standards

Your estate standards

As your landlord, we’re responsible for making sure that the community you live in is clean and safe, and the environment is good quality. We want to work in partnership with you to keep your neighbourhood tidy, and a place you can be proud to call home.

The information in our estate standards document sets out our quality standards for your neighbourhood. It includes easy-to-understand information about how we manage and maintain aspects of your community including cleaning, trees and green spaces, and waste.

Read our estate standards document [pdf] 3MB

Communal cupboards

For access to your communal utility cupboard (for phone or TV connections), please contact our estate services team at least 48 hours before your contractor is due to arrive. If your phone or TV provider is sky, we may need up to 2 weeks' notice.

Contact our estate services team

Handyperson service

We offer a handyperson service to our independent living residents and vulnerable customers. We will consider your eligibility for this service on a case-by-case basis. If you are eligible then we will carry out small jobs for you, but you will need to provide any necessary fixtures.

Customer feedback

"I want you to know that the lady and gentleman were so nice, listened to my concerns about displacing current nesting birds etc. They worked really hard and they have done a magnificent job, considering the amount of Ivy and dead leaves they had to contend with they did a first-rate job. They were courteous and cheerful and definitely not afraid of hard work. Will you please extend my thanks to them both for their efforts to trim back the foliage whilst not disturbing the nesting birds that were in the tree. You should be very proud of these workers."

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