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Why live sustainably?

If everyone takes steps to make their life more sustainable, we can make a real difference.

Being committed to living sustainably will help reduce your carbon footprint, improve our communities health, ensure our natural resources don't run out and more. When we focus on sustainability, the entire world benefits and we all get to live on a healthier planet.

Below we have outlined some of the ways that you can live more sustainably.

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Effective recycling

Recycling is incredibly important as it reduces our need to grow, harvest or extract new raw materials from the Earth. This lessens the harmful disruption and damage that's done during these processes to the natural world. This means we see fewer wild animals harmed, forests cut down and less pollution.

But recycling only works if we take a few minutes each time we take the bins out to sort them and remove the bits that need to be thrown away.

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Saving energy

Saving on energy

Reducing your energy usage limits the number of carbon emissions that you produce. It is believed these play a serious role in climate change and global warming, so cutting back is always a good thing.

As well as being beneficial for the environment, reducing your energy use is also beneficial for your wallet as it will lower your bills and save you money!

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Increasing the biodiversity of your garden or balcony

Biodiversity is crucial to all our lives. The more diversity in our natural habitats, the stronger our ecosystem and cleaner our air will be, and the more insects, birds and other animals will have places to call home.

So why not use the outdoor space you have, to create a lush, healthy area that the whole environment can benefit from?

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