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About shared ownership

Shared ownership is an affordable way of buying a home if you can't afford to buy one at the market price.

It allows you to buy a share of a home (usually between 40% and 75%) and pay subsidised rent on the share that you don't own. In other words, you will pay a mortgage on the share that you own and pay rent to us for the share that we own. This means that you can secure a home without paying a deposit for the entire property.

If you want to, you can can buy more shares after the initial purchase, until you own the entire property – this is called staircasing. Alternatively, if you decide to move into another property, you can sell your shares to another buyer.

Find out how to buy a shared ownership home

Who can buy a shared ownership home?

Shared ownership is for people who can't afford a home on the open market.

If you meet this criteria and can afford to keep paying the costs relating to the property, then you can apply for shared ownership.

Priority goes to:

  • Social housing tenants
  • People who live locally
  • Other priority groups

You will also need to budget for the mortgage valuation, surveying, legal fees and stamp duty.

Before you can buy you need to have a credit check. If your credit score is low, we would recommend waiting until your credit score has improved before you apply for a home.

Read our FAQs for more information

Shared ownership case study

Customer feedback

“My shared ownership home has made a massive difference to me, as I feel that I now have a more secure and brighter future."

Find out how Michelle bought a new home with a 25% share

How to buy with shared ownership

  • 1.

    Register your details on the Help to Buy South website. They will consider whether you are eligible.
    Register on Help to Buy

  • 2.

    Read our shared ownership FAQs to learn more about how shared ownership works.
    Read our FAQs

  • 3.

    Check out our available shared ownership properties.
    View our properties

  • 4.

    Let us know you're interested in buying a home with shared ownership by filling in our enquiry form.
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Customer feedback

“My shared ownership home has made a massive difference to me. I feel that I now have a more secure and brighter future. The process was straightforward and I was guided through it every step of the way. This opportunity has given me a new lease of life and a renewed confidence in my future." - Michelle

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