Our new business strategy 2021-25

Our new business strategy

Silva Homes is creating a new business strategy for 2021-25
and we want to hear your views.

The draft Silva strategy

The draft Silva strategy shares our vision and plans for the next four years to 2025. It has been developed by working with groups of customers, colleagues and board members.

You can learn about our new strategy below.

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Our new vision

Our new vision

Our vision explains what we are aiming for and how we want to be seen by our customers and the people and organisations we work with. We have updated this for our new strategy:

Building trust as a thriving social business by:

  • Creating safe and secure places to live
  • Delivering excellent services to customers
  • Forging strong and successful relationships
  • Embracing diversity, sustainability and growth.

What is our business strategy?

During the next four years, we plan to focus on eight themed strategic priorities, which you can read more about below.

Putting customers and communities first

At the heart of our vision is delivering excellent services to customers. Here are some of our plans:

  • Training our colleagues to consistently deliver excellent services in line with our customer charter.
  • Further developing digital services, making it easy for customers to interact with us.
  • Focusing on the quality of services and improving the physical environment on estates.
  • Launching a £1 million community investment programme.
  • Providing greater opportunities for customers to influence our services.
  • Promoting greater access to our independent living schemes and services.


Maximising the delivery of new affordable homes

Providing high quality new affordable homes enables us to meet housing need and reduce homelessness. Here are some of our plans:

  • Providing at least 1,100 new affordable homes over the next 5 years.
  • Ensuring a sustainable mix of social rent and affordable rent, and shared ownership homes.
  • Ensuring our new homes are as sustainable as possible.
  • Continuing to look at options for our existing estates where needed.

Investing in existing homes and keeping customers safe

Creating safe and well-maintained homes and communal areas is central to our vision. Here are some of our plans:

  • Ensuring that the Silva Property Standard meets expected customer service and home standards.
  • Improving our repairs service by focussing on follow-on repairs, customer communications, and working with our suppliers to become more efficient.
  • Continuing to invest in customers’ homes, increasingly using sustainable technologies if they are affordable for our customers to use.
  • Ensuring full compliance with all our health and safety policies so that customers’ homes and communal areas are safe.
  • Implementing new building and fire safety legislation and associated regulatory requirements.

Tackling climate change and promoting sustainability

We know that climate change will have an impact on all aspects of our lives.  Here are some of our plans:

  • Setting clear targets for reducing carbon emissions from our homes and business.
  • Launching a £1m fund over three years for pilot projects to inform our long-term plans.
  • Implementing a programme of work to improve thermal efficiency in our homes.
  • Promoting environmentally sustainable behaviours from our customers, colleagues and business partners.
  • Investigating a sustainability project by working with our customers and communities.

Being a great place to work

We want to recruit, train, and motivate colleagues with the right skills, behaviours, and experiences. Here are some of our plans:

  • Continuing to promote colleagues’ personal development and learning opportunities.
  • Making sure that all colleagues are aligned with our culture and the priorities in the Silva Strategy.
  • Considering how we can further develop the benefits of working for us.

Embracing technology and new ways of working

Embracing technology and new ways of working are essential for all modern businesses to be successful. Here are some of our plans:

  • Creating a more flexible, smart approach to working, both in and away from our offices.
  • Making better use of data to manage the business.
  • Keeping our systems and our data safe as the potential for cyber-crime increases.

Promoting equality, diversity, & inclusion

We want to have a great reputation for being inclusive and promoting diversity so that customers and colleagues can thrive, whatever their circumstances. Here are some of our plans:

  • Using data to help us to design and deliver better and more inclusive services, especially for our customers.
  • Ensuring that our workforce at all levels reflects the communities that we serve.
  • Providing learning opportunities for colleagues to better understand equality, diversity and inclusion issues.

Ensuring viability, good governance & value for money

Financial viability, good governance and achieving value for money are necessary for us to be successful. Without them, we may get into financial difficulty or regulatory problems. Here are some of our plans:

  • Setting clear rules and key performance indicators that guide our decision making and protect our viability.
  • Ensuring we continue to have funding in place to deliver our objectives.
  • Ensuring that we comply with regulatory expectations, including changes arising from the social housing white paper.
  • Strengthening the customer partnership board’s role within our governance structures.
  • Further developing our approach to value for money, focussing on procurement, contract management and partnerships.

Why are we building a new strategy?

In this clip from our customer partnership event, Alan Ward, Silva's chief executive, explains why we are building a new strategy.


About our new vision

What will Silva's areas of focus be for its new strategy?

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