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Managing pests at home can seem daunting,
we want to help however we can.

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Managing pests

Managing pests in your home can seem daunting, but we want to help however we can. In our policy, pest control falls under home maintenance, which is your responsibility. If you need advice on how you can get rid of pests in your home, please get in touch with us.

If the pests are in a communal area you share with other tenants, we can help resolve the issue. Let us know what the problem is by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

What is a pest?

What counts as a pest?

A pest is classed as an animal which could be harmful to humans. They can cause a nuisance by invading homes and workspaces, or cause illness by spreading disease.

There are four different types of pests: rodents (such as mice or rats), insects, birds and wildlife. A full list of what can be considered a pest by the British Pest Control Association can be found here.

What happens when you report an issue with pests

Once you have reported an issue with pests to us using the form below, or contacting us via one of our other methods:

Step one

We will analyse your case to work out a solution and inform you of the next step.

If the issue doesn't fall under our responsibility to resolve, then we will let you know that you need to organise it. We can support you by giving advice, but you will need to find a local pest control service that can help.

If the issue does fall under our responsibility, we will arrange for our pest control specialist contractor to resolve the issue.

Step two

The pest control contractor will get in touch with you to let you know the next steps, and once the problem has been resolved. They will also tell us the outcome of the work.

Step three

Our pest control contractor will visit again to inspect the area to ensure that the problem is resolved and that there are no more pests.

Step four

Hopefully, the pest control issue is resolved, and we don't need to arrange any more visits.

If the issue is not resolved, then our pest control contractor will arrange further visits with you directly.

Report an issue with pests

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