How to fix it yourself

How to do
your own repairs

Follow our useful guides and learn how you can
repair some common issues with your home

How to perform your own repairs

Performing your own repairs

Did you know there are some repairs you can perform on your own home without us needing to get involved?

To help you perform some of these repairs, we have created a set of step-by-step tutorials that show you how to fix things like a blocked sink.

Please note that if we have to put right any home alterations or DIY attempts, we may recharge you for the repairs.

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Repair tutorial videos

We've created some video tutorials on how to perform your own repairs. Currently, you can watch videos on how to change your toilet seat, clean and descale your shower head and unblock your shower drain.

Watch our repair video tutorials

Your repair responsibilities

We share the responsibility for home maintenance with our customers. You will need to pay for repairs to any area of your home that you are responsible for maintaining.

This includes:

  • Internal decor e.g. internal doors, handles and hinges
  • Damage beyond the usual wear and tear
  • Pest control
  • Damage caused by neglect, deliberate or reckless behaviour
  • Non-communal and internal TV aerials and satellites
  • Non-communal garden areas
  • Shower heads and hoses, toilet seats, and work surfaces.

For further information, read our guide to repairs responsibilities [pdf] 779KB