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Need a low-cost storage solution?

Renting a Silva Homes garage is ideal if you need a safe and secure location to park your car, carry out your hobby, or even store your possessions. We have hundreds of garages
available to rent across Bracknell and the local area.

  • Ideal low-cost storage space in Bracknell.
  • Storage solution for businesses or personal belongings.
  • Our garages can offer an excellent low-cost alternative to other self storage facilities.
  • Discounted rate for Silva Homes customers.
  • Free Bulldog Garage Door Lock when you rent one of our garages.

Affordable weekly rates for everyone

Green tick icon  Silva customers: from £14.56

Green tick icon  General public: from £16.27

Our garages

View the map below to see our available garages.

Rent a garage

Renting a garage

Interested in renting one of our garages? Click the button below to apply using our application form.

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Frequently asked questions

When is my garage rent due?

Garage rent is due on a monthly basis. In certain circumstances, you will also be able to pay via a weekly Direct Debit.

You will need to pay us upfront so that your garage is paid for in advance and ensure that your garage rent account stays in advance.

Payment can be made for your garage via Direct Debit.

Can I rent a garage if I don’t live in a Silva home?

Yes! Our garages can be rented by anyone, but if you live in one of our properties, you will get a garage rent discount.

Is there a waiting list for garages?

In areas where demand is high, there might be a waiting list. As soon as you have reached the top of the waiting list in your preferred area, we will let you know.

How many garages can I rent?

The maximum number of garages you can rent with us is three. This limit applies to everyone – including customers who live in our homes and customers who are just renting a garage.

Does my garage have electricity?

No. There are no sources of electricity in our garages.

I’m a Silva Homes customer, but my rent account is in arrears. Can I still rent a garage?

All our customers who wish to rent a garage must have a clear rent account. If your home’s rent account is in arrears then you will need to make any outstanding payments in full before you can rent a garage. Please contact our rent team if you need any financial advice.

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