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Independent living team acts quickly after water supply cut off

When Clement House, one of our independent living homes, had its water supply cut off due to local works, our team sprang into action.

They prioritised our customers throughout, keeping them fully informed, arranging for bottled water to be available and ensuring everyone had water and heating.

Our Clement House team acted quickly under pressure and put our customers first. They did so well that some of our customers sent letters of thanks to the team for all their support.

One customer said: "We woke up to water shutdown at Clement House this morning. When the staff came on duty, we were kept informed by the public announcement system and the outcome and reason when the service was re-instated at about 9.30 am. This is as it should be, and I would like to thank all concerned for their prompt action."

Another customer’s letter said:

"Just a very brief note to convey, on behalf of all the residents, gratitude for the manner in which both Sharon and Laura [dealt] with crisis – excellent crisis management. To lose water supply to the entire building early in the morning is certainly a crisis and I personally feel these two ladies were extremely perceptive and attentive to the matter.

We here at Clement house can sometimes take their daily care for granted, it is consistently so good, and it is only these matters that make us reflect on it. Please convey my appreciation for a job well done."

By taking ownership of the situation and keeping our customers informed, our Clement House team were following our customer charter. This is our promise to customers that we will always care, listen and act.

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