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Abri in partnership talks with Octavia Housing


Abri has today announced that they are exploring options for a formal partnership with Octavia Housing.


Wayne Morris, Abri’s Group Chair said:

“We were pleased to be given the opportunity to develop a potential partnership with Octavia. We have enormous respect for their 150-year heritage. Given our adjoining geographies and shared ambition, the partnership offers a potentially strong strategic fit. The deal could unlock greater investment in housing and support services, as well as protect the long-term provision of some 5,000 social and affordable homes in London.”


Octavia’s board chose Abri as its preferred potential partner after an extensive selection process co-ordinated by Savills.

Prior to the final business case, both organisations have agreed to collaborate on some of Octavia’s immediate priorities.


Gary Orr, Abri’s Group Chief Executive said:

“Abri is about leveraging the benefits of scale while delivering services through accountable local teams. When Octavia invited us to be part of discussions about their future, we were attracted to the opportunity to support an organisation that is so important to the housing profession as we navigate the new regulatory framework, has a common purpose that prioritises the needs of existing and future customers, and offers potential synergy within our regional operating model.”

He added: “Joining forces has the potential to create a new vision for an even stronger organisation to carry forward Octavia Hill’s legacy. More work needs to be done but we are excited about the prospect of a long-term partnership with Octavia Housing.”

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