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Our customer partnership board (CPB) is a group of Silva customers who work with our board and executive board to make important strategic decisions.

Our customer partnership board has two main roles:

  • To work closely with our leadership on the key issues that affect our strategic direction.
  • To direct our approach towards customer engagement and to inform decisions that affect our customers, their homes and communities.

You can find out what the customer partnership board has been involved in by reading the meeting notes below.

September 2020 Customer Partnership Board meeting notes

Topics discussed:

  1. The Silva board meeting
  2. Customer improvements policy feedback
  3. Aids and adaptations policy feedback
  4. Independent living policy feedback
  5. Leasehold management policy feedback
  6. Home purchase policy feedback
  7. Section 20 policy feedback
  8. Garage estate plan update
  9. Reviewing payment methods project
  10. Repairs update
  11. Feedback on the customer webinar
  12. CPB and board recruitment


The Silva board meeting

An update regarding the board meeting held on 10 September 2020 was given to the CPB, reports were considered on:

  • Health & Safety
  • Organisational redesign and restructure
  • 2020 financial plan
  • Brexit considerations
  • Garage estate plan (new licence approved)
  • Development schemes
  • Iveagh Court
  • Covid 19 and response to pandemic


Customer improvements policy

The customer improvements policy had been updated to the current Silva branding, making it easier to read with no major changes as there had been no changes in legislation.

The comments from the CPB were:

  • It is a lot more straightforward and easier to read
  • The wording regarding leaving the property as found should be refined to ensure that any improvements were not removed
  • A caveat statement would be considered about compensation


Aids and Adaptations policy feedback

The Aids and Adaptations policy had been renamed and updated to the current Silva brand and style, as well as adding detail and clarity about adaptations.

The comments from the CPB were:

  • The policy implies from the beginning that it is only for those over 55. The wording will be reviewed to ensure that customers realise aids and adaptations are provided for anyone with a requirement.


Independent living policy feedback

The independent living policy has been updated for style and brand, as well as providing greater detail on addressing independent living, and the services, personal care and health and safety for customers.

The comments from the CPB were:

  • The policy needs refining to be consistent in paragraphs 1.1 and 4.2
  • Wording will also be reviewed where someone may have a live-in carer, or intermittent career and is therefore not under-occupying the property. It will be made clear that each case will be considered on its merits.


Leasehold management policy feedback

The leasehold management policy was the first one to outline Silva’s responsibilities to leaseholders and vice versa. A dedicated team now deals with all leaseholders and this policy supports that team.

The CPB had no comments on the wording or understanding of the policy


Home purchase policy feedback

The CPB was presented with the home purchase policy, which is specific to leaseholders.

The comments from the CPB were:

  • If some leaseholders agree to the work but others don’t Silva should still have an obligation to maintain a building in good order
  • If payment is refused then there is legal recourse, and if leaseholders are not satisfied with the quotations, they can go to a tribunal for review
  • Customers should have the ability to appoint their own contractor, but Silva also must agree to this


Section 20 policy feedback

The Section 20 policy outlines the legal responsibilities that Silva has for consultation on work at properties, as well as payment options for leaseholders that were preiously in a separate policy.

The CPB had no comments on the wording or understanding of the policy


Garage estate plan update

The CPB was updated with information on the garage estate plan, with a new team managing the garage portfolio.

The CPB was informed that:

  • Each site with garages would be reviewed and where necessary, consultation would be undertaken
  • The waiting list is being worked through
  • Solar panels would be considered


Reviewing payment methods project

The CPB was shown the project to review the payment methods that people use for rent and how Silva could ensure that the best options were used for customers and the association.

The CPB was informed that:

  • A digital solution would be the first objective, but there would not be a barrier to those unable to access a digital option
  • The consultation aims to understand why customers pay as they do and see if they could use a more convenient option
  • The best option for each customer will be considered and adopted


Repairs update

The CPB was given an update on Silva’s repairs service.

The CPB was informed that:

  • From 16 September 2020, some types of repairs will resume
  • Repairs appointments will be able to be made via the phone and MySilva as usual
  • A lot of work had been done to address the backlog of repairs built up during the lockdown, and planning had been undertaken to ensure that what was being offered could be carried out
  • When the service opens back up again on 16 September 2020, demand will be monitored to ensure it will not have to be closed again


Feedback from the customer partnership webinar

In August a webinar was held for customers with members of the executive team giving short talks and answering pre-submitted questions.

The CPB was informed that:

  • 40 people had registered their interest in the webinar, but only 22 had logged in
  • Another webinar will be scheduled but held later on in the day to see if this impacts on attendance
  • Content will be developed and the option to ask live questions will be investigated


CPB and board recruitment

The CPB was updated on the recruitment for two new board members:

  • Two new members had been recruited and will join Silva in October
  • The calibre of applicants was very high and there was a very strong field to select from

The CPB was also updated on the recruitment for two new CPB members:

  • Only one application was received so far, so the recruitment strategy would be reviewed
  • Members were asked to spread the word and encourage those they thought were a good fit to apply
  • The deadline to apply would be extended

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