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About our
repairs service

Our team is dedicated to repairing,
maintaining and improving all our homes.

About our repairs service

We offer a wide repairs service for our customers. Not only do we employ a number of skilled carpenters, electricians and plumbers, but we also have close partnerships with suppliers who can do a wide range of specialist repairs.

These are the two types of repairs that we can provide:

  • 1.

    Emergency repairs
    Repairs on parts of the home that may impact our customers' health and safety. We do these within 24 hours.

  • 2.

    Routine repairs
    Repairs on parts of the home that we are responsible for looking after. We pay for these repairs.

How we prioritise repairs

How we prioritise repairs

We carry out repair requests in priority order so that those people whose health and safety could be at risk are well protected.

When prioritising repairs, we take into account:

  • What kind of repair needs to be done
  • What date the repair was booked
  • Whether anyone in the household is vulnerable.

Vulnerability is defined as: "An individual or household needing support to enable them to live independently, or a tenant or a member of their household who is vulnerable due to age or serious long-term illness."

How to book a repair

Booking a repair

There are lots of ways to book a repair:

  • Use My Silva.
  • Call us on 01344 382 800.
  • Send us a private message via Facebook Messenger.
  • Speak to our team using live chat.

To book an emergency repair, please call us on 01344 382 800.