Estate services, landscaping and trees

Estate services, landscaping and trees

Tree maintenance and
management FAQS

What can I do if light is being blocked by a large tree?

There is no height restriction regarding how big a tree can grow. We will always ensure our trees are safe and are not causing a nuisance, but we will not prune or fell a tree to improve natural light into a property or garden.

What can I do about trees dropping leaves/fruit outside my house?

We will not prune or fell any trees dropping fruit, cones or leaves, as it is considered a natural process. Whilst we recognise that fruit may cause slip/trip hazards, public footpaths and highways are cleaned by your local council.

What can I do if birds nesting in a tree are causing a nuisance?

We will not prune or fell any tree(s) being used by birds to nest. Although bird droppings may be a nuisance, it does not warrant the pruning or removal of a tree.

What can I do if a tree is blocking TV signal?

We will not prune or fell any tree(s) interfering with a TV/satellite reception. There may be other ways to improve your signal that do not require this.

What should I do if a branch from a tree is touching my property?

If a branch from one of our trees is touching or is close to touching a building and is likely to cause damage to the property, we will take action to reduce or remove the nuisance.

What do I do if I think a tree is dangerous and belongs to Silva Homes?

An emergency can be defined as a tree in immediate danger of collapse or a tree causing an obstruction and requires urgent attention. If you think a tree is dangerous, please contact us.

What can I do if trees are encroaching on my land?

Homeowners can remove parts of trees from the point they cross the boundary of their land under a 'Common Law' right to remove the nuisance associated with encroaching trees. However, the tree(s) causing an issue may be subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or may be within a Conservation Area (CA). 

What can I do if I have a concern about a high hedge on Silva Homes' land?

We aim to mediate disputes which relate to hedges on land occupied by our customers, or on communal land under our management. Please get in touch with us if you are concerned about a high hedge.

Can I do work on trees in my garden?

Trees in domestic gardens should first be inspected by our in-house tree team, and any potential works to trees on our land should be organised and managed by us. Please contact us if you have any concerns about tree(s) in your garden.

How do I find out who a tree belongs to?

We can provide details about trees that we own. If the trees are not owned by us, but are on communal land, they may belong to your local council. Your council will be able to confirm if this is the case or you can contact the if they are unable to.

Does Silva Homes inspect trees?

We inspect our trees on a one, three and five year cyclical basis, which reflects industry best practice and legal obligation. 

Does Silva Homes plant trees?

We are committed to maintaining and increasing tree cover across our land. We appreciate the significance of trees and understand the social, environmental and financial benefits they offer to the local community.

Can I prune trees on my land if my house was previously owned by the council?

If you've bought your home, it may be on land previously owned by the council. In this case, trees on the land may have a restrictive covenant and you may need to apply for the trees to assessed.

Customer feedback

"I want you to know that the lady and gentleman were so nice, listened to my concerns about displacing current nesting birds etc. They worked really hard and they have done a magnificent job, considering the amount of Ivy and dead leaves they had to contend with they did a first-rate job. They were courteous and cheerful and definitely not afraid of hard work. Will you please extend my thanks to them both for their efforts to trim back the foliage whilst not disturbing the nesting birds that were in the tree. You should be very proud of these workers."

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