Buying more shares in your home - staircasing

The first step to buying more shares in your home is to get a valuation of the property carried out by a Chartered Surveyor (the costs of this survey are met by the home owner). For Bracknell residents, we can organise a valuation on your behalf at your cost. If you are happy with the valuation, you'll need to write to us to confirm you want to proceed and the percentage you wish to buy.

Following completion your rent will be reduced accordingly with the percentage purchased.

There are some restrictions related to staircasing, which are:

  • if you bought a new build shared ownership property you cannot buy more shares (staircase) for the first year
  • you must staircase by a minimum of 10% and by increments of 5% above that
  • some leases restrict the amount of times you can staircase and how much you can staircase to. You should check your lease for details.

You will be responsible for all your legal costs, the valuation and an administration fee.

Please read your lease and contact us if you have any questions.

More information and an appplication form are available here: