Repairs service standards and priorities

This page explains our response times for different types of repair jobs.

Emergency repairs (E24)

Emergency repairs are mainly those that have serious effects on people or their home. They include, but are not limited to:

  • gas leaks*
  • a water leak that cannot be contained
  • total loss of electricity to a home or communal area or water supply to a dwelling, fire and flood damage
  • major structural damage
  • serious blockages to foul water drains (or blocked toilet if it is the only one)
  • a complete loss of heating and/or hot water in the winter season (1 November to 31 March) including secondary heating sources. Vulnerable customers will receive priority during peak times, which may include the provision of temporary heating
  • Loose or detached handrail, banister or similar item
  • Insecure external doors or windows
  • Offensive or discriminatory graffiti (which will be referred to the Neighbourhood Estate Action Team (NEAT).

Our commitment for this category of repair is that within 24 hours our staff will make safe the fault. In the majority of cases we will attend well within the 24 hour time limit, particularly for repairs affecting health and safety such as gas leaks*. In many cases we will have to return at a later date to complete the work. We make a mutually convenient appointment with customers to do this.

Routine repairs

Routine repairs are those which Silva Homes is obliged to undertake as a consequence of our statutory or contractual obligations but which are not an emergency and do not pose an immediate risk to health and safety. These include but are not limited to:

  • repairs to outside walls
  • repairing individual kitchen units
  • repairing door and window furniture (if there is no safety or security risk)
  • replacing damaged wall and floor tiles
  • minor plumbing work and replacing taps
  • preventative heating works
  • repairing and clearing guttering and down pipes
  • minor roof repairs
  • a complete loss of heating and/or hot water in the summer season (1 April to 31 October) where no temporary heating is available. Vulnerable customers may be escalated to an emergency E24 if the loss of heating will have a detrimental effect on their health
  • external works, such as paving repairs/re-levelling
  • fence repairs where the fence forms the boundary to a public highway and is considered a health and safety issue
  • blocked toilets where there is more than one toilet (in most cases this will be rechargeable)
  • minor carpentry works
  • electrical testing and fault diagnostic works
  • garage repair works where the garage is rented.

Our aim for this category is to complete the repair within 20 working days. We will always try to carry out the repair as quickly as possible and at a time and date which is mutually convenient and agreed in advance with the customer.

Vulnerable people

In the context of our repairs policy, vulnerability is defined as: 'An individual or household needing support to enable them to live independently or a tenant or a member of their household who is vulnerable due to age or serious long term illness'.