Repairs responsibilities

Our responsibilities

As your landlord, our maintenance responsibilities include:

  • The outside and structure of the building, for example, drains, gutters, roof tiles, brickwork, garden walls, fences, windows, doors and their frames
  • Fixtures and fittings that we supply, for example, sinks, kitchen units, baths, toilets, heating units and electrical wiring, including wall sockets and fuse boxes communal
  • Shared areas, for example, communal gardens, corridors, stairways and rubbish bin areas. Please note that this applies to repairs of communal areas and not cleaning in blocks with less than six flats testing gas heating appliances we provide and the gas pipe work every 12 months.

Your responsibilities

Your responsibilities include the internal decoration of the property and keeping it in good decorative order. You are also responsible for the costs of putting right any damage to your home that has not been caused by fair wear and tear. Some other items are also your responsibility, although we may do some of these if you are elderly or disabled. 

Please note that where landlord repairs are due to your neglect, reckless, deliberate or negligent behaviour, these will be charged back to you as appropriate.

Repairs responsibilities
Silva Homes' repairs responsibilities Customer repairs responsibilities
heating and hot water systems internal decoration
electrical wiring, sockets and light
replacing light bulbs or fluorescent tubes
plumbing internal doors, handles, latches and hinges
roofs, outside walls, windows and doors damaged kitchen units and worktops, including tiles
drains and gutters replacing keys, fobs and locks to front and back doors or gaining access where the customer is locked out
internal walls, floors, ceilings and doors customer’s floor covering including laminate flooring
kitchen units fitting of extra locks and catches
baths, basins and toilets unless blocked or damaged by the customer shower heads and hoses
internal and external common areas minor cracks to plaster up to 3mm in width or that you can’t fit a two pence piece into
communal TV aerial systems, where Silva Homes has installed (blocks of flats) toilet seats and lids
paving that provides access to
front/back doors and two paving
slabs’ depth from the rear of the
plumbing from washing machine to service pipework
fencing: we will mark boundaries
next to highways or alleyways
with six foot fence panels. Between
neighbouring properties, we will
install one x six foot panel then
three foot panels thereafter. If
a customer prefers to have six foot
panels throughout, we can install
these at the customer’s
carrying out pest control to individual dwellings
  repairing smoke alarms (unless provided by Silva Homes)
  clearing blockages to toilets, sinks, basins and baths
  repairing TV aerials, unless it is a shared aerial we’ve provided
  re-setting of trip switches in the first instances to ensure that no personal electrical appliances are at fault
  repairing telephone lines, satellite and cable TV, and broadband connections, including arranging reception of language specific channels desired by customers
  repairing doorbells and chains (unless fitted by Silva Homes or if it is a door entry system)
  replacing chains and plugs to sanitary-ware
  replacing broken glazing to windows and doors where a crime has not been committed
  repairing timber garden sheds, decking and paving beyond the first two rows at the rear of the property or where this provides access to and from a rear gate to the back door
  mould and other symptoms of condensation – we will ensure that no structural or other defects are the cause, but if there aren't structural defects, then all cleaning work is the customer’s responsibility. Advice will be given where appropriate.