Rechargeable repairs

This section explains what rechargeable repairs are and situations when we may recharge a tenant for repairs work.

What is recharging and rechargeable repairs?

A charge will be made for repair or clearance work done by Silva Homes if you are responsible for the works. If we need to do this, you will be charged for the costs of these works.

Your tenancy agreement explains that you must keep your home and garden clean, tidy and in a good state of repair. You must pay us the cost of repairing any damage you cause to the property and fittings.

If you leave your home, garden or garage in a state of disrepair or leave behind any belongings or rubbish if you move, we will carry out the work needed and charge you for it. 

Please click here for a list of typical charges.

What works could I be recharged for?

Unauthorised alterations/DIY work
You must have written permission from Silva Homes before starting any alterations or improvements to your home (apart from decorating). It is important to check with us before you move to find out if you are expected to leave any alterations or improvements in place or whether you are expected to return the property to its original condition. If we have to do any work as a result of alterations you have done, the cost will be recharged to you.

Moving out
When you end your tenancy, we will explain your responsibilities and what you must do to avoid being recharged. This includes:

  • handing back all keys to the property on the agreed date
  • leaving the property (and garden if you have one) clear of all goods and belongings, including floor coverings and white goods such as fridges and washing machines
  • making sure the property (and garden) is well maintained, clean and clear of rubbish
  • making sure the property (and garden) is in a good state of repair.

We will charge you for the cost of clearing the property of any rubbish or belongings you leave behind. We will also charge you for any repairs needed which are your responsibility.

Emergency repairs
If emergency repairs are needed because of deliberate damage, vandalism, neglect or poor DIY, by you or any members of your household (including pets) or visitors, we will carry out the repair and recharge you.

Other works
Some customers ask us to carry out repairs or other works which are legally their responsibility. If Silva Homes agrees to carry out these works we will recharge you the cost of the work.

The garage tenancy agreement states a garage must only be used for the storage of a motor vehicle. If there is clearance work or repairs needed for a garage as a result of misuse, the costs will be recharged to the customer.

When you request us to carry out a non-essential rechargeable repair on your behalf, payment is due before the works are carried out. In the case where the repair is of an essential nature, for example for health and safety, the upfront payment requirement may be waived, but we would normally request an advance contribution with a written agreement to pay the balance within a specified period.

We will always try to provide a breakdown of the costs in advance. However, if this is not possible you will receive a full breakdown of costs and how to pay within a 10 working days of the work being completed.

What if I disagree with the recharge?

If you disagree with the recharge, the cost or if you are unhappy with the quality of workmanship, then you should make a complaint using Silva Homes’ complaints process. Please click here to see our complaints leaflet.

What happens if you don't pay?

If you don’t pay your bill, we will contact you to discuss how you can pay this debt as soon as possible. If you still fail to pay within a reasonable time, Silva Homes will take legal action to recover recharge debts. This is a last resort. Your ability to transfer or exchange to alternative accommodation may also be affected if you have outstanding recharge debts. You may not be able to complete on the purchase of your home, under your 'Right to Buy', until all housing debts have been cleared.

If there is difficulty in paying the recharge please contact your housing officer as early as possible. Please click here to find out who to contact for your area.

Tips to avoid being recharged

Please follow these tips to avoid being recharged for works.

Typical charges

We carry out repairs jobs in your homes, many of which are included in your rent, while others for which you are responsible for, we will charge fees for. This list is for example and subject to review, for more information please contact us. Prices may vary and may be subject to site surveys for accurate quotes.

Repairs charges
Type of repair Minimum payment to book work Full rate charge Out of hours rate
Gain entry for customer accidentally locked out £40 £40 £65
Replacement lock (without forced entry) £20 £56 £81
Replacement lock (with forced entry) £20 £77 £102
Garage lock (without forced entry) £40 £45 £70
Garage lock (with forced entry) £60 £65 £90
Board up window £20 £43 £68
Re-glaze broken double glazed unit (per pane) £40 £75 Day work only
Re-glaze broken single glazed unit (per pane) £20 £40 Day work only
Replace cracked toilet bowl, cistern or wash handbasin £25 £75 Day work only
Reset tripped electrics caused by customer’s appliances £40 £40 £65
Reset of central heating/re-igniting pilot light if credit runs out £40 £40 £65
Replace light fittings, switches, sockets £48 £48 N/A
Any blockages to plumbing items (sinks, baths, toilets, drains) £40 £40 £65
Replace internal door £25 £125 N/A
Plastering - minor patch repairs £50 £50 N/A
Plastering - major (full room or multiple) £50 £200 N/A

*Additional charges may apply if attendance is outside office hours, which are 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.