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Why our repairs may take longer than usual

Even though we are in a national lockdown, we are working hard to provide a normal service for you.


Unfortunately, we are still facing barriers which might make our repairs services slightly slower than usual.


Going inside our homes

We understand that you may be worried about letting us into your home during this period. Please be assured that your safety and that of our colleagues is our top priority. To make sure our colleagues can carry out their services in your home safely, we are following the latest government advice. All our frontline colleagues are:

  • Receiving health checks before visiting the homes of our customers
  • Maintaining a safe distance and following hygiene procedures throughout the visit, including the use of high-quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Asking you a list of questions before their visit, to ensure it is safe to enter your home.

Please help our colleagues visit your home safely:

  • Make sure you’re at home during your appointment slot, so that we can access your home.
  • Make sure your contact details and phone number are up-to-date so that we can contact you before your appointment.
  • Let us know if you are unwell, self-isolating, or cannot make your appointment so we can rearrange for a better time.
  • While our colleagues are in your home, please try to go into another room or (if this is not possible) open a window, so that they can carry out their work with minimal risk.

Read the latest government advice


Our access to resources 

We are taking every precaution to prevent the spread of coronavirus. If anyone in our frontline teams feels ill or has been in contact with the virus, they are self-isolating for the allotted time set out by the government.

This means that: 

  • Our resources and capacity to carry out repairs and environmental services works are currently limited.
  • Our contractors are giving us more support than usual. Your repair appointments might be delayed.

Please help us to use our limited resources efficiently:

  • Make sure you are at home during your appointment slot, so that we can access your home.
  • If you only need a simple repair, such as unblocking a toilet or dealing with condensation and mould, you might be able to fix it without our help.

Find out about our repairs service and how to do some of your own repairs

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