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Our top water safety tips

During warmer weather, you may be using outside taps that haven’t been used regularly for a while. This could have caused the water supplying these taps to become stagnant and unhealthy.


To reduce the risk, you should:

  • Never drink water from your outside water taps.
  • Run your taps regularly (at least once a week) to prevent water stagnating and your taps from seizing.
  • If you have been away, or are moving into your new home, run all the taps at a gentle flow rate for two minutes. This includes your outdoor tap if you have not used it for a while. We appreciate you may be on a water meter, but this is an important safety measure that we recommend. 
  • Keep your showerheads or any other fittings clean and keep limescale to a minimum.
  • Set your hot water temperatures to between 55°C and 60°C where possible. At 55°C any legionella bacteria in the water is killed. Hot water over 60°C can scald so take care when using hot water.


If you’re concerned about the safety of your water, contact us immediately.

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