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Get cycling for Bike Week

Torben, one of our customer relations partners (rent), has been cycling ever since he learned how to ride a bike, aged five. 

Torben has always used cycling to get around, partly due to the cycling culture in Denmark, where he grew up.

Now, Torben cycles not just as a means of travel, but to save petrol and the environment, whilst having fun!

Torben said:

"I use my bike a lot, whether that's cycling around the outskirts of Bracknell on the weekend or travelling to and from work when I’m in the office. For me, travelling by bike is not only very practical but also ​enjoyable.

“I love being outside in the fresh air and cycling allows me to be closer to nature, which you can't fully appreciate when travelling by car. I find it very calming and it's great for stress relief- if I've had a bad day, I can cycle for a while and get home and feel a lot better.​

​"It's also important to me in terms of my physical fitness. I do like my food, so regularly cycling is a great way to maintain a good level of fitness for me and it means the ​journey to work isn't too strenuous for me. It's a great way to socialise as well. I cycle with friends occasionally and it's great to share my hobby with people I know."​

Bike Week is an annual celebration to showcase cycling, organised by CycleUK. 

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