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Electrical tests in our homes

We are carrying out electrical tests in some of our homes, with our contractors, Crystal Electronics and Pilon. These electrical tests are important and we are doing them to make sure our homes remain safe to live in.

If your home requires an electrical test, either Crystal Electronics or Pilon will contact you to book an appointment.

Will my electrical test be Covid-19 secure?

Our priority is always to keep you safe from Covid-19.

Our contractors are following the government’s Covid-19 guidelines and complying with our own health & safety precautions. They will wear a mask and gloves inside your home and if they have any Covid-19 symptoms they will not enter your home.


How can I prepare for my home’s electrical inspection?

To save time during the inspection, please make sure that our contractors can easily access:

- the fuse board

- all light fittings

- all electrical switches

- 25% of the sockets in every room.


What will happen during the inspection?

Your electrical test should take up to three hours to complete.

During the inspection, our contractors will test your home’s fuse board, light fittings and switches, as well as 25% of the sockets in every room.


What happens if my home passes the test?

An electrical testing certificate will be sent to us for our records.


What happens if my home doesn’t pass the test?

If our contractors find any faults with your electrics, they will organise additional work to fix them and make sure your home is safe. They will try to fix any faults on the same day as the test, to avoid any inconvenience to you.

Once all the work is completed, it will be re-tested and a confirmation certificate will be sent to us for our records.


About Crystal Electronics

With 25-years of experience, Crystal Electronics specialises in electrical testing and installation.

Contact Crystal Electronics


About Pilon

Pilon helps us to deliver a range of repairs, planned maintenance, integrated asset management and compliance works.

Contact Pilon


Electrical audits

We have also appointed an auditor called Phoenix Compliancy Management (PCM) to check that the electrical tests which are being done in our homes are to our high standards. PCM is sending letters to some Silva customers who had their electrics tested this year.

Recipients of this letter will be asked to call PCM to book an appointment for their electrical test audit. 

Measures will be taken to ensure these audits are Covid-secure and to the same standard as the electrical tests.

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