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Diligent tenancy team wins fraud case in court

We received an anonymous tip-off in December 2020 that a customer in Jennett’s Park was illegally subletting their affordable rent property to four people whilst living abroad. We believe this began in August 2020.


Lauren, customer relations partner (tenancy), investigated this extensively for months, gathering enough evidence for the customer to be taken to court in July 2021.

It is thanks to Lauren’s hard work in pursuing this case that we achieved a very successful outcome in court.

The judge awarded us mandatory possession, which meant the customer must vacate the property within seven days.


The judge also awarded us the following money judgements amounting to over £20,000:

  • The defendant is to pay the claimant the sum of £15,368.03 by way of an unlawful profit order by 4pm on 26 July 2021.
  • The defendant is to pay the outstanding rent arrears and/or use and occupation charge of £1,319.92 by 4pm on 26 July 2021.
  • The defendant is to pay the claimant a use and occupation charge of £24.97 per day from 19 July 2021 until the claimant recovers possession of the property.
  • The defendant is to pay the claimant’s costs summarily assessed as £3,419.80 by 4pm on 26 July 2021. 


We are supporting the four victims who were unknowingly living in the illegally sublet home whilst they are re-housed by the local authority. In contrast, the perpetrator has made themselves intentionally homeless in law and will find it difficult to be re-housed.


Dasos Christou, executive director (customer relations), said:

“The outcome is extremely positive, considering it was the first case of its kind, and will give us the confidence now to take on other cases like this if they arise. We want to provide homes for people who need them and not for those looking to make a profit illegally.

“Well done to Lauren and the rest of our tenancy team for their hard work pursuing this. Without their diligence and attention to detail, we would not have been able to achieve such a brilliant result.

“We have a zero-tolerance approach to tenancy fraud and will take action against any suspected fraud.”


We monitor websites and apps like Facebook, Gumtree, Airbnb and spareroom.com, where this home was advertised.

If you suspect tenancy fraud is taking place, let us know confidentially by contacting our tenancy team.


Email our tenancy team

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