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All hands on deck for estates services project afternoons

As part of our refreshed estates services, we recently began attending a different block each month, to perform a deep clean by the whole team, further improving the standards within our communal areas.

These project afternoons take place in addition to our regular cleaning services and involve our entire estates services team. The aim is to make a noticeable impact across all areas of our service so we can make our estates places that our customers can be proud to live.

Since this service began, the team have deep cleaned Iveagh Court, Culham House, Rushey House and Cleeve House.


Guy Hunter, lead customer relations partner (environment) said:

“Well done and thank you to the whole estates services team for their hard work on the project afternoons.

“We have had plenty of great feedback from our customers living in the blocks we have attended so far and we can’t wait to get to the next one.”


Dasos Christou, executive director (customer relations) added:

“I viewed these blocks earlier this year, so I'm pleased they received a special afternoon of cleaning from the estates team.

“We know that customers rate us on the cleanliness of their internal and external communal areas, so the entire estates services team have all made a positive impact on our customers lives through the project afternoons.”


The team are planning to attend Goughs Meadow in Sandhurst next and they will continue to vote on where they attend next.

For any customers feeling their block would benefit from a project afternoon then please let us know by sending us an email using the button below.

Email our estates services team

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