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A week in the life of Sue - Independent Living Manager

As the manager of Farningham House, one of our independent living homes in Bracknell, Sue ensures our elderly customers are safe and supported during lockdown.


Here are some of the things that Sue gets up to during a typical week in her life:



I start the week by putting on my Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and cleaning all the surfaces and appliances in my office at Farningham House. I then walk around the building, completing all the regular health and safety checks.

Then I call each Farningham House customer in turn, to see how they are and find out whether they need any extra support. We would usually do welfare checks in person, but during the lockdown, we’ve been doing them over the phone, sometimes several times each day, to make sure that everyone’s safe and feeling supported. I also take this opportunity to remind them of some of the extra services we provide, such as the ‘phone pals’ project.



This week I had a visit from Chris, our Interim Contract Compliance Manager along with Phil, our Estates Team Handy Man, to complete some fire risk assessment works and ensure the building is totally fire-proof. Talking about their work is fascinating and it’s great to know that our customers are in safe hands.

I love working with and helping such a variety of people and when I go home each day I feel a real sense of satisfaction.



I do most of my work in the office in case any of our customers want to call me, either for support or a casual chat. I’m also regularly in touch with our customers’ next of kin, as they reach out to their family members during this difficult time.

I care about our customers and love chatting with them. They’re always so positive and I’ve been doing my best to help them stay in that mindset throughout the lockdown.



Every Thursday I have a team meeting with Silva’s independent living colleagues, to plan our shift patterns. This is a great opportunity to catch up with the other scheme managers and find out what exciting things have been happening in our other independent living homes.

In the afternoon, I deliver the postman’s mail to our customers’ front doors and send their outgoing mail. A few weeks ago, I made deliveries on behalf of one of our customers, who had created protective face masks for her neighbours – a really kind gesture!



I love my role because no two days are the same, which makes it so interesting and varied. I never know what excitement each day will bring and a large part of it requires me to be adaptable and able to respond quickly to any challenges. The lockdown has been a challenging period, but we have all done our best to keep everyone safe and well. Our customers have supported and appreciated our efforts throughout so we’ve had lots of positive feedback, which makes all the difference.


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