Talking through problems like neighbour disputes is often a big step to solving them. Silva Homes has teamed up with Resolve Mediation Services to offer their services to customers and this could help support successful tenancies and improve neighbourhood harmony.

Resolve is an organisation which has the skills to independently mediate and negotiate where there is ongoing disputes. They would get involved if all parties are in agreement and can help to find middle ground to bring an end to differences.

In a recent case between two neighbours involving loud music and shouting, Resolve was brought in to help the parties talk to one another and discuss the issues. Since the mediation there have been no further complaints and the parties said they were very pleased the problems had been fixed and the action of Silva Homes  and Resolve was quick and effective.

This service is one of our tools for dealing with anti-social behaviour. It is offered to people who experience anti-social behaviour. In some cases people do not know their actions are causing nuisance to other people so mediation may solve this. Resolve is used on a case by case basis and they will talk to the parties independently or jointly depending on what is needed.

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