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Our customer partnership board (CPB) is a group of Silva customers who work with our board and executive board to make important strategic decisions.

Our customer partnership board has two main roles:

  • To work closely with our leadership on the key issues that affect our strategic direction.
  • To direct our approach towards customer engagement and to inform decisions that affect our customers, their homes and communities.

You can find out what the customer partnership board has been involved in by reading the meeting notes below.

January 2021 Customer Partnership Board meeting notes


The Silva Board meeting

The CPB was updated on the Silva board meeting that took place on 28 January 2021. Topics included:

  • The business assurance report, which included improved key performance indicator performance and voids performing at an all-time high
  • Updated financial forecast
  • The 2021/2022 preliminary budget
  • Update on Covid-19 effects on Silva and compliance with regulations
  • Approval of new internal and external auditors
  • Iveagh Court
  • Fire protection work
  • Initial review of Silva against the new issued National Housing Federation code of governance.

Regulatory compliance – rent setting

The CPB was updated on regulatory compliance and rent setting:

  • Due to an accounting error, Silva customers had been undercharged for rent by £5 on average per household in 2019/2020 and overcharged by £5 on average during 2020/2021
  • This means that despite the error, no tenants were worse off.

The CPB was assured that:

  • The error will be rectified for 2021/2022 and will be checked to ensure it is carried out correctly
  • Silva will include a short note with the rent statements that are due to go out to all customers within the next few weeks directing them to a clear statement on the website. Those who do not have access to the internet can request a physical copy by calling Silva.

Annual customer satisfaction survey

The CPB was presented with the results of the annual customer satisfaction survey:

  • Out of 6,294 customers contacted, 1,001 interviews were completed
  • More than 75% of customers are satisfied with the overall service, which was felt to be a good result when in the midst of a pandemic
  • The quality of homes is high
  • High assurance that homes are safe and secure
  • The majority of customers say they trust Silva
  • Most people’s responses were as a result of their experience with repairs

Four areas for improvement were identified:

  • Get repairs right the first time and look at follow up repairs which seem to be inconsistent. Keep customers updated throughout the process at all times
  • Deal with complaints promptly and notice that sometimes contact is a complaint
  • The cleaning standards of communal areas need to be more consistent and timely
  • Engage with younger customers more and in different manners.

The CPB was assured that:

  • A new telephone system that includes a customer relationship management tool will help to stop calls and queries bouncing about between departments
  • The customer service team will be upskilled, trained and provided with information on customer contact
  • Tuning in to younger customers’ needs and expectations will help with insight and satisfaction.

Cleaning and caretaking review and consultation

The CPB was updated on the cleaning and caretaking review consultation:

  • Some of the cleaning is not consistent and some timescales are not suitable, with no clear accountability.

A draft of a letter to all customers and a proposed survey were shown to the CPB. The points made by the CPB were:

  • The timescale changes make more sense and information on these would be provided on the website so customers could view the schedules
  • Monthly inspections will be carried out
  • Estate operatives should report repairs issues when they are noted
  • When service is below standard or missed, service charges will be adjusted.

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