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We can only act against perpetrators of anti-social behaviour if we have evidenceYou can help by keeping a diary of everything that you witness. In order for us to deal effectively with anti-social behaviour, even if it does not result in legal proceedings, it is essential to have accurate detailed information about what has happened.

How to keep the diary

  1. This diary is your own personal record of what you see or hear. If other people (including members of your own household) have witnessed anything they must put it into their own diary. It would help to make a note of any other people who witnessed an incident.
  2. You must fill in the diary as soon as possible after the incident while it is still fresh in your memory. If possible do it on the same day.
  3. Fill in one row for each separate incident, even if they happen on the same day. If you cannot fit all the details of one incident into one row, continue down into the next row and write ‘incident continued’ in the date and time column.
  4. Date and time of incident – It is important that the correct date and time of the incident are recorded.
  5. Details of incident, including who did it and where it happened – enter details of the incident in this column, including who was involved.  If you don’t know the name, give a description, and/or their address. When describing someone please give as much detail as possible e.g. white male, about 18 years of age, thin build, about 5ft 10 in tall, blonde hair – short and spiky, tattoo of a spider’s web on his face in blue ink. Wearing blue jeans, grey hooded sweat shirt with a blue Adidas logo on the back. If you know any nicknames of individuals involved please include them.

Also, give as much detail as possible about where the incident took place, eg “outside 80 Anywhere Street”.

  1. Did you report the incident to anyone? Please note down if this was reported to anyone.  Please say who reported the incident and to whom.
  2. How did the incident affect you? It is important to know how this incident has affected you.  For example, did you feel frightened, alarmed, harassed, distressed, intimidated? Do you think it affected anyone else, and how?
  3. Write down everything you see and hear in as much detail as possible. A general summary would not be taken as seriously as word-for-word evidence. So you will have to include swear words. We are sorry if this is upsetting to you but it is much more effective than simply saying “he used abusive language”.

How will the information be used?

Your details or any information you provide will not be disclosed or used in legal proceedings without your permission.

Other evidence

Any other evidence you are able to collect is also helpful, such as tape recordings of loud music.

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