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June 2020 Customer Partnership Board meeting notes

Topics discussed:

  1. The Silva board meeting
  2. Financial update
  3. Routine repairs
  4. Clearance in communal areas survey
  5. No access focus group
  6. Recharge policy survey
  7. Hoarding and unsanitary homes survey
  8. Annual anti-social behaviour (ASB) survey
  9. Customer Partnership Board effectiveness
  10. Sheltered Schemes Residents Association (SSRA)


The Silva board meeting

The customer partnership board was briefed on what the Silva board meeting discussed earlier in the day:

  • An annual review of the treasury which included reviewing the borrowing for the next financial year
  • A revised asset strategy plan
  • The next stage of the delivery plan
  • Easing of lockdown arrangements during the Covid-19 pandemic

Financial update

The CPB was updated on Silva’s financial position and information was given on:

  • Maintaining services during the lockdown and when returning to normal
  • The requirement for funds and how the cash position may be affected by Covid-19
  • Ensuring income levels are kept up and more conservative forecasting of shared ownership sales
  • Controlling expenditure, spending where necessary but deferring some costs
  • Budget figures and development plans
  • Reviewing stress testing


Routine repairs

The CPB was presented information on Silva’s proposal to resume routine repairs within customer’s homes:

  • Emergency and compliance work had been carried out following strict hygiene procedures and constant customer communication
  • With recent changes outlined by the UK government, Silva can increase emergency and compliance work and resume some routine repairs
  • Silva will work through the backlog of repairs before taking on new bookings


Clearance in communal areas survey

The CPB was presented with the results of the clearance in communal areas survey:

  • There was a good response to the survey and letters to all blocks will be hand-delivered informing customers of the new procedures
  • There is an approved procedure for handing items back to customers during the pandemic
  • Specific examples of individual responses were mentioned
  • The clearance in communal areas procedure has been approved by EB and will be in force until after all customers have received their letters notifying them


No access focus group

The CPB was presented with the preliminary results of the no access focus group, which looked at why appointments with customers were missed:

  • Customers would like text messages made more easily understood, an email notification, operatives to call while they were on their way and to improve self-service options
  • A full report of the focus group will be going to the executive board in July


Recharge policy survey

The CPB was presented with the results of the recharge policy survey and the subsequent review:

  • The recharge policy is not being changed. However, Silva needs to manage the processes better.
  • Silva could improve the clarification of responsibilities when customers move into a property
  • More clarity is needed on the condition a property should be left in when returning keys
  • Silva should always consider value for money and only charge where necessary
  • Silva should ensure that all colleagues know what to do and how the process works


Hoarding and unsanitary homes policy

The new hoarding and unsanitary homes policy was presented to the CPB:

  • The policy is needed to ensure customer safety, as hoarded homes are a risk to those living within one and those around them
  • Fire is the greatest risk
  • Simple hints and tips could be provided to customers, including signposting and do’s and don’ts


Annual anti-social behaviour (ASB) report

The annual ASB report, which was presented to the Silva board the week before, was shown to the CPB.

  • The report provided information on how ASB cases had been managed during the previous financial year, the steps taken and proposals to provide a better service

The CPB commented that while there are some areas of concern, Silva does not seem to be dealing with them.

Silva will try and help with any ASB case if they can, but the main problem is gaining suitable evidence. But, support can be provided and Silva is linked to several support groups.


Customer Partnership Board effectiveness

The CPB improvement plan was presented to the CPB and stated that:

  • CPB members needed to be committed to preparing for meetings while increasing their participation and contribution
  • Silva would ensure that papers are published in good time and offer additional training as required
  • Once the office is open, CPB members will have the opportunity to spend time with more teams to increase their understanding of the business


Sheltered Schemes Residents Association (SSRA)

An update on the SSRA was given to the CPB:

  • The group used to meet and discuss the services at the independent living schemes. As this is no longer possible, the group has been suspended for the time being

Our customer partnership board (CPB) is a group of Silva customers who work with our board and executive board to make important strategic decisions.

Our customer partnership board has two main roles:

  • To work closely with our leadership on the key issues that affect our strategic direction.
  • To direct our approach towards customer engagement and to inform decisions that affect our customers, their homes and communities.

You can find out what the customer partnership board has been involved in by reading the meeting notes below.

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