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Claimant commitments that were previously relaxed due to Covid-19 are being reintroduced. If you are claiming universal credit, please be mindful of this and make sure to check your online journal.

If you need some help understanding what this means for you, please get in contact with our rent team.

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Universal credit

Check whether something is a scam

Screenshot of a PC screen with the word security on it

Don’t give money or personal details to anyone you don’t know or trust.

Find out how to check if something is a scam

Rent holidays - coronavirus

Contact our rent team

We offer a free benefits advice service for our tenants and leaseholders, to help them understand which benefits they are eligible for and how to claim them. While we cannot provide home visits or meetings in our office at the moment, due to Covid-19, you can still book a phone appointment with a member of our revenue team. All the information we discuss is treated confidentially.

Contact our rent team

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