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Benefits and Universal Credit advice

Need support to pay for the cost of living and housing? Consider applying for Universal Credit as soon as you get the chance.

Learn more about Universal Credit   Apply for Universal Credit on GOV.UK

Savings advice

Savings advice

Interested in learning some useful tips to save money on your weekly shop, your energy bill and more? Click the button below to view our advice, save money on the essentials and make the most of your finances.

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Don't get caught out by scams

Don't get caught out by scams

Anyone can fall for a scam. They can be very clever and hard to spot, but you are less likely to become a victim if you know what to look out for. 

Learn how to keep yourself protected from scams

Learn how to spot a loan shark

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We offer a free benefits advice service for our tenants and leaseholders, to help them understand which benefits they are eligible for and how to claim them. While we cannot provide home visits or meetings in our office at the moment, due to Covid-19, you can still book a phone appointment with a member of our revenue team. All the information we discuss is treated confidentially.

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