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Learn more about rent

Rent should be paid one week before it is due.

Paying your rent must be given top priority when budgeting, to prevent any arrears building up on your account. If at any time you experience financial difficulties,  please contact us without delay for advice and support.


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If your account falls into more than four weeks’ arrears without an arrangement, Silva Homes will start legal proceedings. This could result in a County Court Order for possession of the property and you may lose your home.

Remember that once this is granted, Silva Homes could apply for your eviction if you do not stick to the terms of the Court Order.

Where does my rent money go?

We reinvest all the money that we receive back into our homes. Your rent goes towards all of our services, including housing, estate and tenancy management, repairs and maintenance, and improvements to homes, and buildig new properties.

Information about how the rent level is calculated can be found below.

Rent setting

Your rent is calculated using rules set by the government. There are social and affordable rents, affordable rents are usually set at 80% of the rent that would be charged in the private sector.

Other costs

Depending on the type and location of the accommodation, you may have to pay service charges. This includes your heating, lighting, cooking and hot water, which is paid for in addition to your rent.

If your building has a communal gas and electrical supply, this will be shared by all customersand this amount will be added to your rent. You will not then receive a gas or electricity bill.

You will be informed of any charges that you are liable for when you sign your tenancy agreement.

Rent-free weeks

There are two rent-free weeks for 2019/20, which are the weeks commencing 1 April 2019 and 23 December 2019. Rent will be charged for 51 weeks as there are 53 rent weeks in 2019/20. You don't have to pay rent during rent free weeks if your rent account is fully paid to-date. If you are behind with rent, you must make a rent payment. If you pay by direct debit, your rent balance will be automatically calculated.

53-week rent years occur every five to six years, due to there being 52.1 weeks in a normal year. This means that every few years the 0.1 will fall on a Monday.

Guide to the cost of living in your home

Please click here for a guide to the monthly costs of living in your home.

How to understand your rent statement

Please click here for tips to help you understand all the information in a rent statement.